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Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Barr/ Bell Family Reunion and was able to connect with my mother’s side of the family, the Turney’s. I discovered that I am indeed part creole, that my great grandfather was a member of the negro baseball league back in the day and met family members that I didn’t even know existed. A few months ago I wrote a poem about about how little I knew about my ancestry and this weekend I have been able to make invaluable connections that have helped me understand in part where I come from. Not sure I have all the words to say how meaningful this weekend of reunions has been but I am so grateful to unite with family. As an African-American so much of our history has been erased and in learning more about my family I feel empowered and more connected to my ancestors than ever before. If you have elders that are still alive in your family, ask them about your history. I wish I’d had the foresight when I was younger to do this important work but what I’ve learned is to ask now before it’s too late. #grateful #family #history

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Watkins Family Reunion 2014! Putting together the pieces and connecting the dots. #familyreunion #watkins #family

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Last night. The Billies/ Token White Girl performed our first ever show all together at @TheLadyJamLA! @sujataday @janiobi @roshinmathew #LaurenCurrence #nopoliteimprov (at The Clubhouse)

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I’ll be performing in my first improv show outside of my @Ucbtla classes this Thursday with @sujataday and The Billies at The Lady Jam at 10pm. Come through! #improv #ladyjam
The Clubhouse
1107-A El Centro
LA CA 90038

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Reunited with the mayor of Los Angeles, @ericgarcetti, at the NoHo @metrolosangeles station just now. We had a great conversation about my hopes and dreams for poetry in Los Angeles, celebrating his first year in office and even spit a poem right there on the spot. Great guy. #spokenword #poetry #losangeles #noho #metrola #ericgarcetti #bffl (love ya @oliver_dg) (at NoHo Metro Station)

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I’m going mad #curriculumvitae

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Dear ghost,
How small you look
From this side of once haunted.

Life is grand
See how I soar now?
You don’t scare me anymore.

Photos by Tani Ikeda
Styled by VicStyles
Poetry by Yazmin Monet Watkins
IG - yazminmonetwatkins

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"On These Shoulders We Stand"
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Ladies and gents and everyone in between: Now introducing the new face of Coast to Coast Talent!! Woop! Just signed with their adult commercial department! #yee #coasttocoast #stoked Headshot by @bradley_walt

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A friend of mine sent me this pic saying, “idk if I’m more excited to see you on TV or eating meat.” After 12 years of vegetarianism, I booked my first national commercial for Pizza Hut! Apparently I have no morals, lmao. #bittersweet

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POETRY: Yazmin Monet Watkins - "Fire Starter"+ "When She Smiles" - AFROPUNK

So AfroPunk featured my poetry on their website… ❗️ #afropunk #poetry #afro #naturalhair #spokenword

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I’m not explaining myself anymore . . I could never even explain why explaining can’t be explained .

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