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Casually shared a meal with Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and his wife Marie after his keynote speech at @univpugetsound’s Race & Pedagogy Conference (what!). Thanks again Mike for letting us join you and @ariannabenitez and your bad ass mentor Chris. Three generations of scholar activists.

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"What a privilege to be an artist
A door to door salesman knocking with heart on sleeve
Exposing the parts of our humanity that most are too afraid to show”
I’ve had such an amazing time during my poetry residence at University of Puget Sound. From preaching poems at Immanuel Presbetarian Church, to poetry workshops and empowering students in the Black Fiction in Feminism classroom visit, to student leader lunches and admin meals, performing at the Race and Pedagogy Conference to spitting poems at the Youth Summit, to opening up for the one and only Angela Davis, and concluding my residency at the What Now Is The Word poetry performance, whew! I am truly so full.
#grateful #poetry #spokenword #spokenwordpoetry #raceandpedagogy #university #pugetsound #tacoma 📷 by @ariannabenitez (at University of Puget Sound)

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"I don’t give a damn about my damn reputation." Sightseeing at the high school where they shot Ten Things I Hate About You! #tacoma #stadiumhighschool #tenthingsihateaboutyou (at Stadium High School)

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"But what is normal in this deranged society by which we are all trapped?" -Audre Lorde

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Just stepped off the stage at the Race and Pedagogy Conference, Youth Summit. Look how powerful these young activists are! #poetrybechanginglives (at University of Puget Sound)

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So… this happened. Last night I opened up for Dr. Angela Davis at @univpugetsound’s National Race & Pedagogy Conference. #lifegot #poetry #spokenword #art & #activism *conference jewelry provided by @rinaz1080’s locally owned “Delicate Edge” (at University of Puget Sound)

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What a way to start the residency! Last night I celebrated #Bivisibility day performing at University of Puget Sound’s community partner (IPC), Immanuel Presbyterian Church. It felt like a homecoming. Such welcoming and supportive people. Who would have thought that I’d be ministering at a church with queer poetry?!? To all the people who are struggling with their sexuality and spirituality, know that you don’t have to chose. “God loves, not just in black and white, but in yellow and bi and queer and trans and every colored letter of the rainbow.” Feeling so so grateful. Ready for day 2! (at Immanuel Presbyterian Church)

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Hey! Look who’s featured on L’oreal Paris’ official Instagram for all their accounts! C’est moi! @beautyforallbyloreal @lorealparisfr @lorealparisusa Shot by world renown photographer @saaggo. Bracelet by @lovesoundzjewelry. #yazminmonetwatkins #beautyforallbyloreal (at Paris, France)

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'You Like to Give and Watch Me My Pleasure' - poem by Sandra Cisneros/ 📷by @lapetitetouche

"You like to give and watch me my
pleasure. Machete me in two.
Take for the taking what is yours.
This is how you like to have me.

I’m as naked as a field of cane,
as alone as all of Cuba
before you.

You could descend like rain,
destroy like fire
if you chose to.

If you chose to.

I could rise like huracan.
I could erupt as sudden as
a coup d’état of trumpets,
the sleepless eye of ocean,
a sky of black urracas.
If I chose to.

I don’t choose to.
I let myself be taken.

This power is my gift to you.”

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I am grateful I had the chance to lead such a wonderful workshop for the #imMEDIAtejustice girls earlier today at Academic Leadership Community High School. What powerful words they shared. Thank you @_karendepp, @whassupboo99, @yaannneeth08 and everyone else involved for your bravery today. I am so so inspired by each and every one of you. “It is our duty to fight for our freedom/ It is our duty to win/ We must love and protect one another/ We have nothing to lose but our chains!” #grateful #10daysofgratitude #poetry #spokenword http://youtu.be/lpqs8U81srY

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I am grateful for my hair. For loving myself fully. Self love is a powerful act of liberation and I am grateful to nurture hair that reflects that. “Unwieldy and wild. My hair don’t belong to nobody but me.” If you haven’t already, please check out my latest poetry video “Grateful.” Link in bio ❤️ 📷 by Mark T. Laurent youtu.be/lpqs8U81srY #10daysofgratitude

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Sound check! Getting ready to perform at the @csumb_oc3 “Power Of You” showcase. #csumb #calstatemontereybay #poetry #spokenword #otters (at California State University, Monterey Bay)

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