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I am grateful I had the chance to lead such a wonderful workshop for the #imMEDIAtejustice girls earlier today at Academic Leadership Community High School. What powerful words they shared. Thank you @_karendepp, @whassupboo99, @yaannneeth08 and everyone else involved for your bravery today. I am so so inspired by each and every one of you. “It is our duty to fight for our freedom/ It is our duty to win/ We must love and protect one another/ We have nothing to lose but our chains!” #grateful #10daysofgratitude #poetry #spokenword http://youtu.be/lpqs8U81srY

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I am grateful for my hair. For loving myself fully. Self love is a powerful act of liberation and I am grateful to nurture hair that reflects that. “Unwieldy and wild. My hair don’t belong to nobody but me.” If you haven’t already, please check out my latest poetry video “Grateful.” Link in bio ❤️ 📷 by Mark T. Laurent youtu.be/lpqs8U81srY #10daysofgratitude

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Sound check! Getting ready to perform at the @csumb_oc3 “Power Of You” showcase. #csumb #calstatemontereybay #poetry #spokenword #otters (at California State University, Monterey Bay)

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Charda Gregory abducted, humiliated, violated, restrained, scalped and tortured. 
If this were reversed, with black police officers who were sworn to uphold peace and justice but instead were documented victimizing a white woman (who was already a victim), this news would have trumped the Olympics!

Truncated version: drugged at a party, abducted to a motel, wakes up during unwanted sexual violation in a motel room full of strangers, fights like hell to escape, motel employee calls the authorities, she gets arrested for destroying motel property and it just gets worst from there.

Every officer who participated in it and even those who witnessed it and did nothing should be punished but instead they just fired the woman?
No rape kit, no police report on the people inside the motel room, no investigation of her claims, no accountability for missing motel entry records, no video from the motel but she gets detained for fourteen days?

(Btw, when did your tax dollars begin purchasing Abu Ghraib type water boarding chairs?)

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Emerald Shaw, 25, Detroit, MI | www.howtobedope.com & www.dopenmind.tumblr.com

Wearing: ASOS, Forever21, H&M and Ready to Stare

Photography: Alexis Townsend www.lex-the-creative.tumblr.com / www.instagram.com/xi_fengshui


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a selection of poems from Zimbabwe

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I told myself I would blog a bit about my trip to Europe this time. With such limited access to internet it’s a bit harder but here I am nonetheless. My first thought is how grateful I am for David’s family. They welcome me like I am one of their own and I have so much love for David and his people. Everyone’s been saying my French has been getting better and better and I am pretty excited that I can make myself understood on a very elementary level. The best part about traveling to places with people who are familiar with the area is that they know all the fun non touristy spots to hit up. Yesterday we went to one of the local beaches in Véndee (which is such an extensive region of western France by the way, I had no idea!). After visiting David’s brand new niece Maya (such a cutie) we went bumper car riding (per Emilie’s great idea), had fresh ice cream (chocolat blanc et spéculos pour moi), and watched the tide roll in at the shore. Right as we were finishing our ice cream the sky opened up and the rain fell. I’ve noticed it rains several times a day here. While off putting at first for this Cali gal I actually do appreciate the sunny moments that much more.

While the majority of the day is spent with David’s family we spent the evenings with his childhood friend Joseph, Emilie and other young folk. While grabbing drinks on the water “downtown” I tried to compliment a woman walking by on her hair. But instead of saying I like your curls, I said I like your ass. I laughed so hard with our new friends Nicolas and Melanie. After they went home Joseph Emilie David and I grabbed beers and drank them on the beach watching dark clouds roll by. I could get used to this. #vivefrance

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"Trans women are getting killed EVERYDAY & you think the struggle is over because you can put a ring on a finger?!"-CeCe McDonald



"Trans women are getting killed EVERYDAY & you think the struggle is over because you can put a ring on a finger?!"
-CeCe McDonald


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A short film I made a brief cameo in a couple years ago, The Assistant, premiered at the @LAshortsfest tonight! Shoutout to director Julie Cohen for bringing me on board alongside Janeane Garofalo, Joe Wengert and a host of other UCB greats. #lashortsfest #bi #hollywood (at Laemmle NoHo 7)

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Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Barr/ Bell Family Reunion and was able to connect with my mother’s side of the family, the Turney’s. I discovered that I am indeed part creole, that my great grandfather was a member of the negro baseball league back in the day and met family members that I didn’t even know existed. A few months ago I wrote a poem about about how little I knew about my ancestry and this weekend I have been able to make invaluable connections that have helped me understand in part where I come from. Not sure I have all the words to say how meaningful this weekend of reunions has been but I am so grateful to unite with family. As an African-American so much of our history has been erased and in learning more about my family I feel empowered and more connected to my ancestors than ever before. If you have elders that are still alive in your family, ask them about your history. I wish I’d had the foresight when I was younger to do this important work but what I’ve learned is to ask now before it’s too late. #grateful #family #history

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Watkins Family Reunion 2014! Putting together the pieces and connecting the dots. #familyreunion #watkins #family

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